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Teachers’ Blessings

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Teachers’ Blessing

Rev. Douglas Taylor


Each year at this time, we call up the team of people who have agreed to be teachers for our congregation’s families. This year, things are a little different. Our program is hosted by our Family Ministry Team along with a multitude of story readers and other participants. Our program is in the hands of all the parents because we are doing things online. And so, this year, instead of singling out the volunteers who have agreed to serve as Sunday School teachers, we will offer a blessing for all of you who are teachers.

Blessings upon you who are spending time to teach and care for and be with the children and youth of this congregation. Tend to our young people with care and love.

We are grateful to you who step into this willingly and to you who have discovered this thrust upon you by the circumstances of this pandemic. Blessings upon you for your time and attention and care.

Our children are looking to you, wondering how to deal with this unusual situation. You are role models for our children and youth. Blessings upon you for taking up this responsibility and helping to strengthen the bonds of relationship within our community. You are tending to something precious to our community: our children and youth.

May we, in turn, offer our support to you; teaching is not something that can be done alone. We honor the role you hold in our congregation as teachers. We honor you who are teaching in schools in the community and online. We honor you who are teaching at the universities and at the high schools, at the elementary school and the pre-schools. We honor you who are parents, for in this pandemic you are teachers now too. Blessing upon you in your teaching. May you be equipped and empowered and encouraged as you equip and empower and encourage our children and youth.

Together we begin a new year. We all share in different ways for the good of our congregation and our community at large. May we all grow and be enriched together.


Prayer for Resilience

Prayer for Resilience

Rev Douglas Taylor


Gracious and loving God, from whom all things come and to whom all things return;

We gather on the edge of another week and, for some of us, on the edge of our strength; We come buoyed by events of our week or weighed down by them, or we arrive in some paradoxical mix thereof; We are here in our Sunday assembly of hope and restoration.

At times we come weary and worn down, and for some, that is how we arrive today; At other times we come with questions, with a longing, or with something to offer; But for those who come today shattered, broken, lonely and lost, let us offer our prayer of resilience.

Again, this week we test the tender places in our hearts and in our lives to see what healing may occur.

Gratitude is often a source of healing; We give thanks for the landscapes of grace in our lives, for music and for good companions, for the guidance of great principles, and the examples of integrity around us; We give thanks for all that lifts us up and for lessons that lead us on

For the times when we are brought low by anxiety or adversity, Show us the hidden wells of love we can tap into; Help us rise up once more, just once more, and once more again will surely be enough.

Remind us we do not strive in vain, that we are part of a chorus, that resilience is in our bones, that peace will prevail on earth and in our hearts, and that healing and grace come like soft rain.

Be thou an ever-present strength upon on journeys; And teach us that in falling down, we do rise again

This we ask in the name of all that is holy, May it be so

Spirit Moves Along the Regular Lines

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Spirit moves along the regular lines.

We find Spirit in special places and sacred moments,

But Spirit really travels the most normal of experiences,

In this room, through those words, with that set of actions.

Of course, it is not all the time or every time

In this room, by that phrase, with these actions

It is instead all of a sudden, breaking through

The ordinary, the rough tangibility like a metaphor

Spirit moves along the regular lines

Where there are grooves from regular use

In this room, at this hour, going through these motions

As if ‘sacred’ is just waiting everywhen to be noticed.

And so, we come to this particular place

To perhaps experience a oneness with all places

At this particular hour, to experience timelessness

By the lines of this window, the shape of that candle flame

And suddenly, Spirit breaks through. And we notice

Something special, something singular, something real.

Spirit moves along the regular lines

Perhaps you have noticed, here or here or just now.

Prayer for Forgiveness

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Prayer for Forgiveness     by Rev. Douglas Taylor      

Eternal Spirit, from Whom all things come and to Whom all things return

We gather this morning as a community of faithful seekers

Firm in our belief that the Spirit of Life and Love moving among all people pays little heed to the human boundaries of denomination, creed and sect.

We gather in reverent exploration during this time of atonement, repentance, and forgiveness

For the blessings of a new day, the company of good people, and the joys of simple things: we give thanks

And for the revival of faith among the shifting sands of life: let us remember and give thanks indeed

Remind us, O Spirit, to be gentle with others and with ourselves, for we all carry burdens, we all are broken in some way.

Humbly, we reflect on the places where there is brokenness in our lives that we had a hand in.

Forgive us for the times we have held back in selfishness and for those times we have struck out in anger

Forgive us for the times we have remained silent when our words would have helped and for those times we spoke out and our words have caused injury

Forgive us for the times we have let fear dictate our actions and for the times we have ignored or dismissed the fears of others

Forgive us as we, in our imperfect way, seek to forgive others and seek forgiveness for ourselves

We give thanks, O Spirit, for our second chances, for our new day unfolding, for our opportunities to begin again in love

Let us move forward from this moment, ready to offer blessings to the world as we ourselves have been blessed

This we ask in the name of all that is holy,

May it be so