Prayers and Meditations

A selection of worship elements

15th Anniversary of 9/11

A Coming of Age Meditation

Anatomy of a Prayer

A Picture of Transforming Love

A Prayer in My Pocket

Be creative by creating a lot (audio)

Because We Are All Connected

Chalice Lighting

Feeding the Hungry

Interfaith Prayer for Standing Rock

Intimacy, Ultimacy, and Agency

Invocation for the naturalization of citizens

Listening for Common Ground

Marching with Muslims

Meditation on Abundance (audio)

Meditation on Courage and Vulnerability (audio)

Meditation on Hope (audio)

Prayer: Adventure of the Spirit  (audio)

Prayer against injustice and despair

Prayer for a long night (audio)

Prayer for After Another School Shooting

Prayer for another week

Prayer for Community

Prayer for Hope (audio)

Prayer for In Between (audio)

Prayer for Letting Go

Prayer for Life’s Melodies

Prayer for Love and Justice

Prayer for MLK Sunday

Prayer for the Struggle

Prayer of Music

Prayer: May Nothing Evil Cross This Door

Rest in Every Step

Return to the Home of Your Soul (audio)

The Blessings of Community

The Long, Hard Bend toward Justice

What my church taught me as a child about gay people

Winter Prayer (audio)

Filled with Loving Kindness – UUCB choir
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