Anti-racism and Multiculturalism

Anti-racism and Multiculturalism:

Rebuilding the Dream A sermon in 2 voices, a juxtaposition  of the Dream Dr. King spoke of and the Dream Ta-Nahisi Coates describes in Between the World and Me. MLK ’17

Black Lives Still Matter A letter, a reflection, and a challenge for us as we consider the Black Lives Matter movement and our role in the movement as a predominantly white congregation. MLK ’16

Selma to Ferguson A look at the 50 year trajectory from the ’65 march from Selma to Montgomery, to the ’14 -’15 Furguson riots. MLK ’15 

Micro-aggressions in the Mosaic More insidious than blatant racism and outright bigotry, racial micro-aggressions often come from ‘regular’ good people like you and me. MLK ’14

Redesigning Racism Based our of The New Jim Crow book, explores the changing face of racism in America; MLK ’13

The Multicultural Imperative of our Faith An exploration of why Unitarian Universalism is focused on anti-racism; MLK ’12

Beloved Community Dr. King spoke of the “beloved community’ instead of the ‘Kingdom of God,’ What does that phrase mean to Unitarian Universalists? MLK ’11

Was Forty Years Long Enough? ’40’ is biblical code for ‘long enough.’ It has been a little longer than 40 years since the civil rights movement, has it been long enough? MLK ’09

Sing a New Song Consider Dr. King’s powerful use of collective symbolism to cast his vision; using old ‘songs,’ he sang a new song into being. MLK ’08

Visions Dr. King’s message has been tamed for most American (white) audiences; but it is still valuable today. Plus I have a small family connection to it all. MLK ’06

Books and Bling How much of American racism is about oppressive systems and institutions and how much is about personal responsibility or bigotry? MLK ’05


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