Environment and Nature

Environment and Nature:

Earth: Creation Exchange (video available) Our capacity to participate in creation – in creativity – is the imago dei in us all.

Beauty Is the Highest in which ‘beauty’ is considered the greatest of values

Salvation in the Wild Places following a Thoreau quote about the necessity of wild places in our lives 

The Heron and the Despair following Wendell Berry’s poem “…and for a time I rest in the grace of the world and am free.”

At Home in the Wilderness about the positive perspective of wilderness

Nature as Guide lessons on living well, gleaned from the natural world

Resilience about natural resilience

Banish the Edges about our deep connectedness with all creation

Creation Unfolding blending science and religion

Sparrow’s Fall The world cries out for healing, when will we hear?

Healing the Commons How to heal the earth and let the earth heal us

Poisoning Our Own Wells A warning for our care of the earth

Honor Thy Mother between out-right denial and predictions of catastrophe, hope remains a realistic option for moving forward in caring for our planet

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