Prayer for another week Rev. Douglas Taylor

Eternal Spirit

From Whom all things come and to Whom all things return.

We who gather give thanks for every gift of life which leads us further into the thickness of life. We gather this hour searching for richer connections and deeper understandings.

Some here today yearn for insights for the mind;

some, for the comfort of regular friends;

some, for encouragement in moral fortitude;

and still yet some, for the peace that passes understanding.

We who gather this hour do so for many reasons.

May all find in this worship experience the resources needed for another week.


Grant that we might be renewed in strength, courage and faithfulness.

Grant that this hour establishes for us and all the world a greater abundance of goodwill and life giving truth.


This we pray in the name of all that is holy

In a world without end,

May it be so.