Prayer for Love and Justice

Rev. Douglas Taylor



Eternal Spirit

From whom all things come and to whom all things return.

We gather this morning as a community of faith,

seeking to tap into the strength found in community

We seek for ourselves and for our world

the light of truth to see with clarity

the warmth and companionship of community

the fire of commitment to stay true to our deep principles

the beacon of justice that leads us to care for those in need

We seek for ourselves and for the world a full measure of love and justice.


We lift up our gratitude for the blessings of this day,

for the blessings of these and other people who are our support,

for the blessings of thy presence in our lives.


O thou who has dwelt in the hearts of women and men,

hear us in our times of need

Where there is difficulty grant us strength

Where there is adversity grant us courage

Where there is suffering grant us meaning,

that we may grow not bitter for the road we travel


Be thou an ever present strength to guide

to the future of this congregation and to all those among us in need

This we pray in the name of all that is holy

May it be so.