Invocation for the naturalization of citizens

11:00 September 20, 2019; Broome County Court house, 92 Court st, 2nd floor

by Rev. Douglas Taylor

Gracious and loving God, from Whom all things come and to Whom all things return

We gather this morning from many countries and may faith traditions, from many cultures and ways of naming you, O God. We gather this morning to join together as members of one country: one country that welcomes many traditions, many cultures, and many ways of naming you, O God.

We gather to enact the deep truth that we are all one human family. Help us to see our diversity and variety as a gift and a source of beauty as we work toward unity and common fellowship.

We gather to declare an allegiance to the deep values the anchor our living. Do we not all share the same longing to be free and live in peace? Do we not all reach for the opportunities of a better life, a better world, a better chance for those we love? Help us each of us this morning to welcome the stranger in our midst; to reach out to others that they may be transformed from strangers into brothers and sisters, siblings of one human family.

As we recognize those here gathered to pledge themselves to be citizens of our community. Help us to see that the beautiful tapestry of unity can be woven from our variety only through our common efforts to share our community with all who would take part.

Be with each of us, O God, in this act of citizenship as we join together as one people; remembering that we already are one human family. Move us, O God, from this moment onward to live with more lovingkindess, peace and justice.

In the name of all that is holy

May it be so. Amen