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Prayer for MLK Sunday

Rev. Douglas Taylor


Eternal Spirit, from Whom all things come and to Whom all things return

We gather this hour as a community of people

committed to the principles of freedom, justice, truth and goodness.

We gather as a people of faith, recognizing the innate dignity of every soul,

celebrating our connectedness and common kinship with all life

despite differences and apparent divisions

We are a people of many beliefs together as one faith.

We take a moment in silence now to give thanks together.


For the blessings of this day, the gathering of these good people,

and the simple joys of life: we give thanks.

For the resurgence of faith and trust in the face of the tides of life,

we raise our voices in great thanksgiving.

And for the shining dream of a better world that leads us to work

for equality and compassion for all – we offer indeed all gratitude.


In this moment of silence and gratitude, let us also lift up our need.

Each of us carries burdens and sufferings of a personal nature;

each of us is in need of gentle care to some degree.

Grant that we may learn more kindness and compassion in our days.

For the vision of a better day dawning, may we heed that twinge of conscience

that calls us to respond to the inequality and injustice in our world

with civility, compassion and grace.

And grant that we have to courage to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Give us faith to believe a better day is possible

and may we find, kindled anew in our hearts,

the power and the promise of our faith.

May we join the mighty chorus of those working to realize the true dream

of a beloved community on earth

with justice and compassion for all people.


This we ask in the name of all that is holy

May it be so.