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Prayer for the struggle


Eternal Spirit, from whom all things come and to whom all things return.

All of us walk through this life with a share of joy and a share of sorrow.


No one among us is free from trials and difficulty.

Bend our compassion that we may remember to be gentle with all whom we meet.

We gather this hour in solidarity and compassion

for our world and those among us bowed down

by poverty and struggle to survive.


Our thoughts and prayers are with parents struggling to make sacrifices for their children,

and with children who suffer for the financial plight of their families.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those among us this day

and those beyond our church walls who cannot make a living,

with those sinking in debt,

with farmers who cannot sell what they produce,

and with the unemployed who yearn to work.

Each one of us experiences these or other troubles in life.

Help us to remember to be gentle with all whom we meet.


We join our voices with those who labor for justice;

we who band together to support people in need;

we who are postcard-signers,

email-senders, and


May our voices remain respectful and loving,

may our voices never waiver from the witness of truth,

may our voices be heard.

May our leaders and government decision-makers

remember the wisdom to care for the common good,

to care for the disempowered.


We offer our gratitude for the many blessings we have:

the blessings of health and friendship,

the blessings of family and community,

of work and leisure,

of spring warmth and of music and

so much else that remains good and right.

For all that is not well in our world,

may we have the courage to face it,

the compassion to care about it,

and the boldness to work to change it.


This we ask in the name of all that is holy

My it be so.