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Interfaith Prayer for Standing Rock


Eternal Spirit

From whom all things come and to whom all things return

We gather today as religious people from various traditions;

We gather as people reaching across our difference

Sharing our commitment to compassion and truth


In this silent moment let us give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

For the gift of earth we receive as food and water each day, we give thanks

For home and family, for faith and meaningful work, we give thanks.

For our ability to gather in this way as people of peace, we give thanks.

In this silent moment we lift up those places in our own lives

and in our own hearts where burdens reside.

May there be peace, may there be grace, may there be support


In this silent moment let us cry out for the suffering of our world.

In particular, we cry out

for the land and the water that is threatened in Cannonball ND

for the American Indians usually forgotten on the margins

for all those who suffer at the hands of police militarization

and corporate greed

We cry out for the distrust and disconnection that has taken root

between the people and our government

between the people and our police

between the people and our mother earth

This is not the way it should be.

Oh, Spirit of life and of love, hear our cry.


Hear our cry, of spirit, and help us to become instruments of thy love.

Let us speak up with those who go unheard.

Let us show up in solidarity with all those on the margins.

Let us be like the Water Protectors of Standing Rock

and commit ourselves to Protect what is Sacred.

Let us be emissaries of justice,

ambassadors of compassion,

agents of thee, O Spirit


In the name of all that is holy

may it be so