Eternal Spirit

From whom all things come and to whom all things return

We gather this hour seeking meaning and understanding for our living.

This is our house of faith; this is our hour of worship;

We are a people of many beliefs together as one faith.

We are seekers of peace and light;

sifting through the moments of today

with an eye toward the eternal values that undergird life.


For the blessings of this day, the gathering of these good people,

and for the joys of simple things: we give thanks.

For songs that lift us up and for companions that carry us on:

we raise our voices in thanksgiving.

And for the revival of faith and trust in the face of the tides of life:

let us remember to give thanks indeed!


Help us to respond to life’s gifts with a generosity of spirit

Help us to meet differences and challenges

with an openness and a willingness

Let life’s melody rise and fall with us

Let the rhythm of love roll through our days

Let the music of the universe echo through our steps

And may our songs of our people

be songs of courage, respect, justice, and love


This we ask in the name of all that is holy

May it be so.