pexels-photo-238622.jpegI am recently returned from a sabbatical. I was able to slow down and (despite most of my time away happening during winter months) was able to get out into nature. This all reminds me of a quote from Thoreau of which I am fond.  The quote started with the line, “Nature never makes haste.”  In itself, that first line is compelling. We can be like nature; we, also, can learn to not make haste. It is a great sentiment. But Thoreau expands this idea as the full quote continues:

“Nature never makes haste. The wise man is restful, never restless or impatient.  He each moment abides where he is, as some walkers actually rest the whole body at each step, while others never relax the muscles of the legs till the accumulated fatigue obliges them to stop short.”

This could have dramatic implications for your life, don’t you think?

Do you strain every muscle at every moment to accomplish the task(s) you have set yourself, or do you rest your whole body in every moment?

Do you actually enjoy the moment you are in, or are you so busy that you miss it?

As I return to my regular schedule after having been away for a time, I already feel myself picking up speed.  We are often caught up in our rush to complete things in time or get things ready.  Multi-tasking is almost required to live in this world!

I hope you are able to actually rest your whole body at each step.  I wish for each of you (and for myself) the sense that every moment is already perfect and needs no preparation to be enjoyed.  There is rest in every step, joy in every step, a beautiful view waiting to be seen in every step.

And if slowing down is hard for you, or not a priority, or not a realistic option given your circumstances … I pray you will find that relaxation waiting for you when possible. Or perhaps that the moments of relaxation catch you if you will not pause to catch them.