Blessing of the Backpacks

Rev. Douglas Taylor

Sept 1, 2019

Children, as you carry your backpack to and from school, it will at times grow heavy with responsibilities and homework and big, heavy books. In this moment we want to also fill your bags with something that has not weight at all. We want to fill your bags with the love and support of this community, with grace and compassion and respect. We want you to know that our love and our values travel with you through your days. May patience, honesty, and bravery be always tucked into the zippered pockets of your bags, available whenever you need.

Eternal Spirit from whom all things come and to whom all things return.

Watch over our children as we begin another school year. May their minds and hearts be open as they encounter new spaces and new ideas and new people. May they have opportunities to laugh and play and explore. Enliven their curiosity, O Spirit, inspire them to have big dreams and to ask big questions and to grow in strength and confidence.

Grant that they will persevere through their setbacks and work to overcome their challenges. Help them to always be true about who they are and what they experience of the world. Grant that they will reach out for help when they need it and to offer aid to others when they see someone else in need.

Keep their bodies safe and their spirits resilient. Surround them with adults who support and care for them.

And may they always know that they carry with them the values and support of this community. May they always be carried in your love.