Douglas Taylor


Eternal Spirit

From whom all things come and to whom all things return

We gather this hour to speak together of flowers and community,

of hope and bright blessings

We all have sorrows and broken places in our lives.

We do not always offer our best selves to the world.

Yet here we are: leaning into a simple ceremony of flowers and beauty together.

Despite the turmoil in the world and in our hearts,

we have come together in this moment to give praise to beauty and nature and life;

to communion for a time with the flowers

Help us remember this moment, O Spirit.

Later as we wind our ways through the hours and days to come,

Help us remember how we choose to set aside this small time to be together;

To be in this moment of grace and beauty with our flowers,

with our community, with thee, O Spirit

May this hour bring a greater abundance of life-giving truth and beauty

to those of us here gathered, and indeed to the whole world.

May this moment with these flowers and these people be

an ongoing blessing in our days.

In the name of all that is holy,

May it be so.